The Inconsequential

I feel that I spend most of my life living on the surface of a very deep ocean. My conversations and daily habits revolve around physical and temporary things. My life is so easily consumed by the unanswered email, the unwatched movie, the unexplored internet, the inconsequential.

And that’s the trick life plays on us.

The inconsequential is usually dressed up as the most important thing in the universe, while the most important things humbly appear inconsequential.

It’s a challenge to try to tell them apart.

So much desperation and urgency.

I feel so hungry to order my inner world that in that very pursuit I unintentionally clutter it more and more.

Simplicity is simply eluding me.

I’m lost in a city of maps.

I’m stuck as I march towards freedom.

I’m busy on an unplanned day.

I’m cluttered in an empty room.

I’m trying my hardest to do the things which I thought would come naturally.

I’m stuck on the surface of things when my heart truly craves to simply deep dive down into the unlimited ocean below me.

My inner world is in fog and there seems to be nothing my outer world can do to clear it…

[Art by Jemma Frater]

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